Functioning of Young Adults in a Changing World

eds. Katarzyna Adamczyk, Monika Wysota

The main subject of the thesis is young person’s functioning in the stage of young adult-hood analyzed not only from individual but also social perspective. The individual per-spective of young adult’s functioning is mostly related to the process of forming identity, perceiving the feeling of autonomy and being religious, whereas the social perspective is focused on the concept of multi-aspectual impact of family with generations on building intimate relationships in certain phase of development, young person’s attitude towards marriage and his/her expectations of his/her own work. Depiction of early adulthood as a long process of becoming an adult person is clearly marked here.In my opinion the subject matter of the publication was chosen accurately. Multi-aspectual analysis of young person’s development at early adulthood stage is an inter-esting and important to be known and understood issue. The book is a set of chapters connected logically and consequently with the leading thought defined in its title. It is a valuable contribution into the considerations in the scope of human development psychology which enters the stream of theoretical and empirical analyses of particular aspects of young adulthood period. 

Elżbieta Pieńkowska, Ph.D., Szczecin University, Institute of Psychology


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