Teacher Educators and Teachers as Learners. International Perspectives

eds. Pete Boyd, Agnieszka Szplit, Zuzanna Zbróg

In this book we argue that teacher education has a complex and layered pedagogy. By claiming a ‘layered’ pedagogy for teacher education we mean that primarily the learning of children and young people is at the heart of all teacher education but with layers above that level, for example on the learning of teachers and on the learning of teacher educators. When a teacher educator is facilitating a formal session with student teachers they are concerned with the progress and well-being of their student teacher learners, but they also have in mind the learning of the current and future pupils of the student teachers. This layering is a key driver for many teacher educators: they reflectively consider, am I actively supporting my student teachers so that they will become effective teachers and, in turn, give their pupils every chance to learn and to develop as learners?

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