Education for Remembrance of the Roma Genocide

eds. Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, Esteban Acuña C. and Piotr Trojański

For years, the fate of the Roma people during World War II was referred to as the “forgotten Holocaust”. Indeed, for decades it was. In recent years, however, the plight for Roma Genocide recognition and remembrance has gained an unprecedented momentum, gradually becoming a better-known and widely accepted historical fact. A number of interdependent and parallel developments contributed to this process in three different spheres of social practice and discourse: scholarship, commemoration practices and Roma mobilization. The youth – as scholars, educators, multipliers and activists – were often at the heart of these developments.

This volume – conceived as interdisciplinary, cross-institutional and inter-generational – aims at reflecting critically on current developments regarding the Roma Holocaust remembrance and education. We acknowledge the intersecting fields of scholarship, institutional engagement and youth movements, which reinforce each other, and collectively contribute to Roma Genocide education. We hope that this book will stimulate further discussion across disciplines, different fields of engagement, and among the variety of actors involved in Roma Holocaust commemoration and education.

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