Singlehood from Individual and Social Perspectives

edited by Katarzyna Adamczyk

The work under review is to be situated in the context of the changing social life, and more specifically in the domain of changes within the institutions of marriage and family. It is a collection of eight logically ordered chapters, which differ to the extent that they show various aspects of being single. Apart from articles of theoretical nature, this book also features articles based on empirical research carried out in Poland, which show the phenomenon of being single in our [Polish] reality. Both types of contributions are important from the perspective of the quality of the publication. Theoretical ones communicate knowledge on social changes, theoretical concepts and the range of discussions between researchers from abroad. Empirical articles, in turn, apart from theoretical knowledge, convey data on the phenomenon in Poland along with interpretations by the author(s). It is worth mentioning that each chapter complements all others and introduces original content
to the collection.

From the review by Professor Anna Kwak

Singlehood from Individual and Social Perspectives is opening an important panorama with lively and original essays on singlehood in Poland. This wonderful collection presents work by a kaleidoscope of the field’s most creative scholars. Socio-demographics, economical, cultural and emotional aspects are considered in this book and they offer a complex approach to being single. This collection will be most useful for researchers and clinicians working with single women and men.

From the review by Professor Salvatore D’Amore

This book deals with a subject relevant to contemporary societies and combines social, cultural and psychological perspectives. This reflection about single people should be useful for therapists, social workers and anyone interested in a better understanding of single people in the Polish contemporary culture.

From the review by Dr. Stéphanie Haxhe

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