Transacting Aesthetic

ed. Sebastian Stankiewicz

The volume title, Transacting Aesthetics, being a paraphrase of the 19. International Congress of Aesthetics Krakow 2013 main topic Aesthetics in Action,  emphasizes something active, dynamical, interactive, operative, participative, but also something what is malleable or in action,  in progress, undergoing operations  and whose boundaries cannot be circumscribed. The continuous form of the verb is to reflect an unaccomplished and unfinished state of affairs, of which description can be prepared only in a form of tem- porary reports or transactions.
This characteristics  entails an account of domain of aesthetics as sphere of “in-between” or “in flux”. According  to many papers presented in the course of the Krakow’s Congress and especially those, collected in the following volume, it can be noticed  that ways of doing aesthetics have become more complex. Emergence of new scientific  tools and methodologies, new artistic and aes- thetic  phenomena and/or new sources of aesthetic  reflection make aesthetics an interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary sphere, wherein  disciplinary  convergences  are privileged  reshaping the domain into a field being subjected to permanent transacting.
Reading the papers gathered  in the volume  we can observe two significant  assumptions referring  to the contemporary way of perceiving aesthetics and of doing it. The first is the persistent research attitude based on notions “activity” and “process” as not just a transitory  stance of doing research, but rather more long- lasting. And the second assumption is the inclusive attitude relying
more on continuity then on traditional separations.

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