Deliberation in the Public Policies Planning Process.

ed. Joanna Podgórska-Rykała, Jacek Sroka

Over the last decades much has been written about the role of deliberation in public life, and much is still being written. This does not mean that the idea of deliberation is no longer a flickering mirage, and the deliberative recommendations and the results of practices can be fully satisfied. In the literature on deliberation, as well as in the sphere of deliberative practices, there are examples more and less valuable. (...)

When we started working on the book, we tried to compose a work at a good academic level, which would not lack bolder theoretical interpretations, and at the same time it would be as free as possible from reproducing empty words. We leave the readers to judge the extent to which we have managed to do so. And we do so (as we hope) without self-righteousness, but also without anxiety, because we managed to gather a precisely selected group of authors which in our opinion guarantees academic reliability as well as practical awareness.The study consists of ten texts. The first three chapters focus on theoretical issues and the remaining seven take a more practical and functional approach.

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