Evolution of the civic budget in Poland – towards deliberation or plebiscite?

Jacek Sroka, Beata Pawlica, Wojciech Ufel

The book is based on the first research results on this scale in Poland obtained thanks to the implementation of  a project financed by the National Science Center (2019/33 / B / HS5 / 00353, NCN OPUS 17). The research used methods and tools in the form of desk research, CAWI, a survey and script interviews. One of the main reasons for undertaking the research was the fact that in the last decade the popularity of solutions involving citizens in shaping public expenditure under the civic budget has grown significantly in Poland, reaching a level comparable to world leaders in this category. The purpose of this research project focusing on analysis of public policies is to characterise and describe the tendencies in evolution of the participatory budget, an important tool in contemporary democracies,
described and standardised in the Polish law as “civic budget”.

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