The City: A Learning Experience

red. Kamila Kamińska, Alicja Szerląg

I want to express my love for overflowing vitality of the city in a way that makes the city even more overflowing and vital. [...] more and more I am thinking about people, about real life as I see it in the faces of all these millions of lives walking.

graffiti writer SWOON

The book is a welcome introduction to discussion on the city within the pedagogical discourse. Wide variety of subjects served as a field of the author’s research and deliberations; nevertheless the city remains a main topic. Contributors give interdisciplinary perspectives, all showing an amazing educational potential set before the conscious readers of the city text. They also make that text easier to interpret and understand. Avoiding the temptation of giving instant instructions for education in city spaces they may help any teacher who is devoted to experiential, even adventurous pedagogies, where the “overflowing vitality” of the city serves as a perfect environment.

Kamila Kamińska, Alicja Szerląg

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